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Food For Thought: 
(***Warning the section below can be controversial to some and sensitive for the feeble minded and weak hearted; and is meant to provoke thoughts, to identify symptoms and diseases that exists in the Muslim community and the Muslim world today, and to see what can be done to rectify these issues)

Issues in 2022:

1. Is Car Insurance (Or Any Commercial Insurance) Haram, and How Severe of a Sin is It?  If So Why are Our Imams, and Those That Are Suppose to be Righteous and the Best of Us Doing It?

2. Why is Palestine and Somalia and the Muslims Countries Suffering So Much (Are These Muslims Good or Bad?) Were the Jews Also Punished By Allah Even Though They Were the Chosen People? 

3.Did the Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them) Also Get Reprimanded When They Disobeyed Allah? 

4. How Dangerous is Riba (Such as Mortgage, Car Insurance, Saving Accounts...), is It Worse Than Zina - If So Why Are Our Imams, Khateebs, and Those That Are In Charge Doing it?

5. Is Living in the Western Countries Such as Canada, US, and Europe Allowed (Lawful) for Muslims?

6. The First Three That Will Be Thrown Into Jahannam, Are They Muslims or Non-Muslims?

7. Who is Worse, the Kaffir or the Pretending Muslim (Hypocrite)?

8. Can Mosques be Corrupt, Were There Corrupt Mosques at the Time of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), Does Allah Mention Anything About Them in the Qur'an?

9. Why Are the European Countries Prospering, and the Arabs & Muslim Countries Suffering - Could There Be Good Qualities About Them (Europeans) That Has Been Mentioned By the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon them)?

10. Why Is Israel Boisterously Strong and Palestinians so Pathetic and Weak - Why Did One Measly Tiny Israel Country Win the War Against 6 Mighty Strong and Proud Arab Countries (Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, & Iraq) Combined in less than 7 days?  How Did the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and only 313 Sahabas (may Allah be pleased with them) Defeat 1000 Kuffar?

11. Who Are The Hypocrites (Munafiqun), Could Those That Are In Charge of Us and the Reciters of Qur'an Be Them?

12. What is Fundamental Islam, Traditional Islam, Modern Islam, and Secular Islam According to This Non-Muslim Organization Called RAND?

13. Have the Modern Scholars of Islam of Today Failed Us?   Are They Puppets and Only Care About Their Own Self Interest? 

14. How Severe of a Sin Is Bribery in Islam?

15. Is Tipping Considered Bribery?  If So Why do Arabs and South Asians Love the Practice of Receiving Tips Soo Much?  Is There a Correlation Between the Prevalence of Tipping and How Corrupt and Destroyed a Country Is?

Harvard Scholarly Article and Study: Link between prevalence of tipping and bribery/corruption of a country.

16. What Caused the Destruction and Downfall of Arab Nations?  Did the Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) Predict This?  What Solutions Can Be Offered to This Problem?

17.  Why have the Somalis been the number one most corrupt people in the world for almost an entire decade?  Could there be a relationship between corruption and cheating and the famine they are suffering?  Are these same people (Somalis and Syrians) who destroyed their homes and homeland destroying and corrupting the mosques and Muslim communities in the Western World too with their cheating and corruption and abuse of authority?

Somalis steal $250 million dollars from the pandemic programs meant for poor and needy children: article link.

Somalis use fake passport to come to Canada: article link.

18.  Why are the Arabs of today so worthless, useless, and have backward mentality (and have such a cheating, haughty, toxic, arrogant, and parasitic mindset & behavior) but the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon) and the earlier generation of Muslim Arabs were so useful to mankind, forward thinking, and had the best of manners?

19.  Did the Arabs betray the Muslims, Muslim Ummah, and the last Khilafah (Caliphate) by siding with the French and the British, taking their advice, allying with them, conspiring against the Muslims, and destroying the Khilafah for their own selfish and greedy purposes (and their pathetic states)?  And are they (Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese etc....) getting exactly what they deserve with all their sufferings today (and the backstabbing by the Kuffar)? Does it serve them right (is this an example of what goes around comes around)?  Did Allah (Glory be to Him) say in the Qur'an "Do not trust the kuffar," and "Do not take them as advisors?" and "Do not divide amongst yourself lest power should leave you?"  Should the rest of the Ummah stand up against these corrupt and wicked Arabs and put them back in their proper place?

20.  Did Islam save western civilization?